About Us

DR.Anwar Shoukry B.D.S. ,clinical masters in dental implats and periodontology,Member of the GERMAN society of implantology DGOI, and the support team at DR.Anwar Shoukry Dental clinic ,offer you individualized, patient-centered, and specialized care. Dr. Anwar brings a superb educational background, years of experience, and unparalleled expertise in today’s most innovative therapeutic technologies. Whether you seek dental implants, reconstructive and regenerative treatment, periodontal therapy, or solutions to complex dental issues, we can help you.

At DR.Anwar Shoukry Dental clinic our focus is on patient-centered care utilizing the latest innovations and biotechnologies allowing us to exceed the highest level of expectations for patients in need of treatment. Our goal is the restoration of your mouth to a beautiful and healthy state, resulting in a smile that looks and feels natural.

Your experience with us will be tailored to your dental needs and your medical condition. We pride ourselves in being recognized for our outstanding record of patient satisfaction and the long-term relationships we develop with patients and their families. We are known for consistently exceeding patient expectations which has enabled our practice to gain local, national, and international recognition